Angry VMA Viewers File Hilarious Complaints With The FCC

I am looking forward to the day when I will never have to write another article about Miley Cyrus. Miley’s VMA performance caused so much ire amongst some that they felt the need to write in to the FCC. 150 people sent complaints to the FCC after seeing the popstar twerk and dance suggestively with a foam finger. The complaints are, as you’d expect, hilariously over-the-top and riddled with spelling mistakes. Take a look at some of the best ones below: “the show that miley cyrus put on was a disgrace! i was watching this show with my granddaughter and was very embarrassed. i think this was much, much worse than that disaster at the super bowl with one of the jackson girls. These women were disgusting and verging on pornographic, and to allow MTV to broadcast this filth for children to see is disgusting. This was nasty vile and vulgar and show on you MTV for allowing this, this is the message you want to send women they should act like a stripper with no modesty of self respect. This was as shameful as it gets, she shamed herself , her family and everyone watching and you for airing it. You should have taken it off as soon as she started promoting her filthy actions.She has shown what she is acting like a devil flicking that tongue as demons do. Being a Christian Im taking a stand for a woman being a lady would never conduct herself like that. Shame on her and MTV. they should all be fined for this broadcast.” “While many performers are obviously trying to shock, Miley Cyrus’ performance with Robin Thicke was past the line of an acceptable performance meant for viewing by “tweens,” teens and even pre-teens. The sexualization of American girls is rampant, and to put this kind of show on in a viewing time, on a weekend, when young girls and boys are watching their “idols” is reprehensible. Miley Cyrus needs to be detoxed from her behavior, her clothing, her dance moves, and taught how to keep her tongue in her mouth. I suggest 12 months in a convent! However, it’s time the FCC stepped in and put this program on notice that they’ve gone waaaay too far, and to shut them down, and fine Ms Miley Cyrus for her lewd and lascivious shenanigans.” “Here we are nearly a week has passed since that discusting display of profanity by Milly Cyrus and another unlady like woman. I fail to understand why the FCC is not criticizing MTV for airing such profanity on their VMA awards program. MTV should be severly fined for allowing such programming on the air, and Miss Milly Cyrus should be fined and jailed for performing such sexually provactive material on TV and being a family show being aired during the early evening hours. Of course I’m looking for an answer. I already know nothing will happen to any of these people, especially since our nation has become a truly Liberal Socialist nation now. But thanks anyway.” “I watched the VMA with my family and was surprised and disgusted to see Lady Gaga’s outfits and how Miley Cyrus was dressed yet alone her performance gyrating and sexual gestures with that stupid foam finger with Robin Thicke who is old enough to be her father. I though I was watching child porn! My daughter was even surprised of Slutty Cyrus, Shame on MTV for allowing that kind of TRASH to be aired along with that tasteless condom commercial after every break.” “VMA awards and Milye Cyrus: Need I say more? She was crude, pornographic, and absolutely shameful. Had I wanted my family to see a hooker perform a live sex show, I would have taken her to Tijuana. It was, at best, a third rate exhibition of what a pedophile would like to see during a child pornography live show. When she started throwing her hand and arm in a manner to simulate a male jacking off, that was bad enough. Then she continued to fondle herself with a foam finger, and then she backed up against her male co-singer?s genitals in a doggy-style position and humped him like a bitch in heat. This went on for several minutes. The opening, with the teddy bears and ?teddy? outfit, was disturbing enough, but once the little whore started simulated masburbation and intercourse on stage, we had to leave the room. You can say all you want about youth and the stupidity of youth (i.e., Milye?s youth and her stupidity), but the network should have known better and not allowed it, period. Th the FCC doesn?t fine the network, then the FCC doesn?t have any business using my tax money for anything at all. trust me when I say, I will monitor what the FCC does about this, and then call my Senator and Congressmen about this new ?hands-off? attitude the new FCC has. Do your fucking job (I would not normally use the word ?fucking?, but you don?t really seem to care about such things anymore). The event was pitiful on all fronts, especially the FCC allowing this reprehensible show. Talk about a paper tiger – the FCC has no teeth anymore. Why bother? Why not let network TV show ?Deep Throat??.UNANNOUNCED. I sat down to watch some PG rated TV with my family and we got a crude, pornography, sex show shoved in our face. Sure I could turn it off? I DID! But I would like to have known BEFORE I sat down with the family to watch this vulgar and offensive show. Once my family saw this disgusting behavior, it was too late. I thought the FCC was there to protect us against such atrocities. Guess not. I?m more ashamed of the FCC than anything else. Shame on you! Do something!! Fine the network. Fine Milye Cyrus. Make a damn speech or something. Just do SOMETHING.” Someone should probably tell these people that the FCC only has the power to sanction broadcast networks like ABC or NBC and has no authority over MTV.


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