How To Accessorize Like A Spy

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If you’re coming to Sharks and Lasers, you’re going to need to look the part. Sorry, but your current accessories just won’t do. Here are some fashionable and functional must-haves that will help you look like an international (wo)man of mystery.

1. Concealed Carry Handbag
Concealed Carry Purse Raven Shoulder Bag brown
Available at

Look cute while packing some serious heat. Carry all your crap. And your handgun!

2. Lipstick Stun Gun



Available at

Someone wanna step to you? Let them try.

3. Voice Recorder Pen

usb pen
Available at

Record extra super secret conversations. Or just leave it behind and find out if haters be hatin’.

4. Video Recorder Glasses

spy glasses
Available at

Is it still considered pretentious to wear non-prescription glasses if they have a digital video recorder in them? Probably not, it’s just creepy.

5. Wifi Cufflinks with Flash Drive

Available at The Spy Museum Store

Share secret information with your spy friends. Or just update your Facebook status for the 100th time today.

6. Cell Phone Case with Secret Compartment

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.42.45 PM
Available at The Spy Museum Store

Conceal your (very small) secret documents from potential enemies.

7. USB Locket

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.42.21 PM
Available at The Spy Museum Store

Store private documents on the go all while being properly accessorized!

8. Camera Tie

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 12.43.10 PM
Available at The Spy Museum Store

Discreetly record videos on your camera tie. You’ll probably just want to record yourself in the mirror because you look so good.

9. Cell Phone Gun

Gonna go out on a limb here and say this is probably super illegal. Don’t buy this.

10. Wine Purse



Available at

Okay, so this isn’t exactly spy related but this purse holds an entire bottle of wine and I think that’s important.


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