Attention Dr. Luke: “I Know Some Women” Does Not Negate Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Listen up, scum buckets of the world because I’m about to lay some truth on you.

Dr. Luke has finally decided to respond to Kesha’s allegations of abuse and sexual assault by informing us that he has a mom, some sisters and a couple of kids.

I know this will be shocking but please bear with me: being related to women, associating with women, even liking some women is not a defense against allegations of abuse. It means literally nothing. Less than nothing as there are plenty of rapists out there who know and I’m sure are even friendly with some women. But guess what, women are individuals and having a loving relationship with your female family members is of no relevance whatsoever.

This is certainly not the first time this tired defense has been dragged out and it just gets more and more frustrating every time. As if having relationships with women that you have not sexually assaulted somehow means that you could not be an abuser. Especially since only 5% of rapes are committed by relatives. Meaning that 95% of rapists are in the same boat as you, Dr. Luke.

We know that sex is about power and this is the reason why women in showbiz fall victim to this type of abuse tragically often. Because men are often the higher ups in the industry, female artists are often dependent upon these men for the success of their careers. Furthermore, survivors in this industry have an added fear of coming forward because they would be literally putting their livelihoods in jeopardy .

This was Dr. Luke’s way of asserting dominance over someone who trusted and depended upon him for guidance in a chaotic field. Rendering the dynamic of the relationship completely different than that of a man who has strong ties to his relatives and significant other. He also knows that he has a better chance of getting away with it because he has the intimidation of a large corporation on his side. A corporation that holds the key to Kesha’s success.

And then, after supplying us with all of this useless information, he lets us know that he has children. Because no father has ever been a rapist and reproducing somehow renders you incapable of being a disgusting excuse for a human being.

So, Doctor Luke, thank you for informing us that you have a mom but quite frankly, I could not care any less.



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