Jeremy Scott Made A Bold Statement At Moschino’s NYFW Show



If there’s any designer who knows how to put on a show it’s Jeremy Scott and he certainly did not disappoint with this season’s Moschino show. Moschino has always been known to be a brand that embraces the badass and who is better at dressing badasses than Scott? His smart sense of humor was on full display, this time with a historical inspiration: The Bonfire of the Vanities.

The Bonfire of the Vanities, a rather obscure historical event, occurred in 1497 when religious fanatics in Florence burned what they had deemed “vanities”: cosmetics, art, books and clothing in an effort to quash frivolous artistic expression.

Scott’s inspiration was clear as he sent artfully singed gowns in sumptuous jewel tones down the runway, playing with soft and hard as he loves to do. He also showed some covetable mini dresses, fierce biker jackets and bondage bras.

Scott’s collection is decidedly on point, reflecting a larger picture of the fashion world as a whole. In a time in which the industry is in great flux, with designers opting out of fashion week and runway to buy collections staging a takeover, Scott reiterates that traditions are changing to embrace more freedom of expression. Even his LBDs are accented with smoking red lips, adding rebelliousness to a classic silhouette.


It’s not hard to see that Scott’s collection is a big middle finger to the nay-sayers. He recreated the warrior, showing an army of women clad in leather and badass ball gowns, ready to take up arms against any who would quash artistic expression.

Haters will have to step off. Jeremy Scott is here to stay.

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