7 Outdated Style Rules That Were Made To Be Broken


  1. Matching your bag to your shoes


It is perfectly acceptable not to match your bag to your shoes. In fact, this is a pretty outdated rule and while I think it can be nice when adding pops of color to a neutral outfit, try mixing in it up with coordinating hues.

  1. Mixing prints


Mixing prints has actually become very chic over the past few seasons. For an on trend look, pair prints of similar size and/or color to keep from clashing.

  1. Wearing navy and black together


Wearing these colors together is no longer taboo. Just make sure to choose a navy that’s not too dark so there’s some variation.

  1. Monochrome


I am a big fan of wearing one color head to toe. Monochromatic styling has shown up in several runway shows recently such as Max Mara and Gucci. And don’t shy away from #allwhiteeverything either.

  1. Sneakers with skirts and dresses


Sneakers are no longer just for the gym. This is a look that has recently become a favorite of editors at fashion week. It’s both chic and comfortable.

  1. Mixing gold and silver jewelry


Mixing your metals is no longer a fashion don’t. In fact, wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time adds visual interest and a little edginess to your look.

  1. White after labor day


Hello, winter white. Feel free to wear white after labor day. This fashionista goes a step further and incorporates the monochromatic trend for a chic look.



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