A Long Weekend That Wasn’t Long Enough

So, I returned from Puerto Rico a few weeks ago and ugh, I’m so sad to be back in stinky, gray DC. This was actually my first trip to a Caribbean island so I was very excited to get some sun in the middle of depressing January. Our trip began as a bit of a comedy of errors. Our plane broke down and we were trapped in the airport for twelve (yes, twelve) hours. It was awful. We did get off the ground eventually, losing a day of vacation in the process. When we landed around midnight we were greeted by balmy 80-degree temperatures and the jeans and leather jacket I’d worn on the plane immediately began to feel oppressively hot. By this point, we were so tired that we just crashed at the Airbnb with big plans of going to Old San Juan the next day.


Old San Juan was beautiful. With rows of multicolored homes and shops offset by palm trees and bushes bursting with tropical flowers.


There were also many beautiful historical buildings, reminiscent of Puerto Rico’s many years as a military port.


I was, of course, enjoying the opportunity to wear some of my summer clothes that hadn’t seen the light of day in months.


The next day we boarded a ferry and headed out to Culebra, a smaller island about an hour away from San Juan. The beaches of Culebra were absolutely breathtaking. With clear blue waters and tall palm trees.


We did some amazing snorkeling and kayaking at one of Culebra’s most famous beaches, Tamarindo Beach.


We even got to swim with sea turtles!


And all in all had a super chill time.


Our final day in Puerto Rico was tinged with sadness as we all felt that we would like to stay longer… maybe forever. We returned to San Juan for a little sightseeing and finally, back to our Airbnb to pack up and head home. I wish MLK weekend could have lasted a little longer but the good news is that we were given a large JetBlue credit because of our departing flight fiasco so we can return to the island where it’s always Rum Time.





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